I serve up the delectable words your readers feast on.

But not in the dainty, polite way. More like those Jurassic Park velociraptors that delight in hunting humans, catch them by surprise, and devour with terrifying ferocity.

I help high-achievers, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, and authors create cohesion in their brands, express themselves in ways that let their personalities shine, and build lasting relationships with their audiences and clients.


Pause On The Play

Diversity | Coaching | Consulting | Community | Podcast My role: Copywriter. Podcast transcription.


Website Copywriter
& Creative Director for
Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

If you're a modern-day Renaissance woman or man, a polymath with multiple interests that intersect in your business, or if you have multiple brands, I'm your writer.

Do you bring multiple areas of expertise to your business in a way no one else has? Do you have multiple brands, each with their own unique message and style? I'm here to help you create and communicate cohesion in your brand content and visibility.


Book, Essay, & Content Editor

Maybe you're an online course creator who needs another pair of eyes on your content and curriculum.

Or an entrepreneur who's written her own website copy but needs help with clarity and brand voice. 

Perhaps you're an indie author or creative writing university student who needs another trained writer and editor to offer feedback and suggestions.

I offer professional developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing for students, fiction and non-fiction authors, essayists, educators, and entrepreneurs.


Content & Creative
Non-Fiction Writer

Articles. Blog posts. The occasional personal essay.

The Resident Disrupter

Inbox goodness for people who like to shake shit up.
Coming September 15.