Your services aren't one size fits all. Your copy and content shouldn't be, either.

To connect and build mutually-beneficial relationships with the ideal people, you've got to rise above the online din, capture their hearts, and engage their minds. 

You can't get that from a $27 copywriting template.

Another prescriptive system won't help. 

But a ride-or-die creative collaborator will.


MORE for Caregivers

MORE for Caregivers believes parents of children with special health care needs deserve access to Meaningful Opportunities and Resources for Empowerme...


I'm Kristen, and I write the content your people devour...

...but not in a polite, dainty way. More like those Jurassic Park velociraptors when they catch their prey. Bon appétit!

My goals?

Deliver thoughtful copywriting, content, and strategy so that the right people fall in love and stay in love with your brand. (And it'll sound so much like you it's kinda creepy.)

Free up more time for you to work directly with clients... or so you can simply relax. (I don't buy into hustle culture. You shouldn't, either. It's hot garbage.)

Help you make more and do less. You've got clients to serve. Let me take the content strategy and copywriting off of your overflowing plate. (You're welcome.)


Rise above the noise.

To stand out in the sea of sameness that is the internet, you've got to show the human behind your brand. That begins and ends with your brand expression, which includes smart, engaging copywriting and content. 

Online businesses struggle with this because they're not keeping their eyes on their own paper. Instead, they're copying the brands in their industries that project success. And they're using over-hyped, reductive internet marketing and copywriting systems and templates.

Standing out as a brand requires active listening, empathy, and care for the consumer. In other words, be human. 

You can't gamify that.

People are longing to build relationships with brands that show their humanity. Give them what they want.

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Marketing pick-up-artistry is so 2008, y'all.

Manufactured authority. 

Faux vulnerability. 

The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. (Shout out to Kelly Diels.)

Psychological "hacks" that create feelings of scarcity and shame.

These marketing and copywriting tactics aim to bypass the potential consumer's critical thinking. They're attempts to rob people of their personal agency.

I call it pick-up-artist marketing. Others call it bro marketing. Either way, it's predatory trash.

Copywriting and content can be engaging and effective while honoring your audience's humanity and personal agency. Internet marketing can be thoughtful, ethical, and good for your bottom line.

If you're in business to serve people, not separate them from their money by any means necessary, we should talk.

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