Channel Creative is a values-based brand.

If you have a values-based business that is aligned with my brand values, I would love to discuss working together! 

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Creating and nurturing strong relationships with your audience and clients leads to meaningful outcomes for your brand, those you serve, your community, and society.

I honor this value by eschewing slimy, old-school internet marketing techniques that rely on psychological manipulation and focus solely on transactions rather than meaningful, longstanding relationships. (Bro marketing is so 2008, y'all.)

Instead, I approach content and copywriting from an ethical marketing vision and strategy that communicates with your audience in ways that make them feel held, seen, heard, and safe.


There is no creativity without curiosity. 

Curiosity is a crucial aspect of running a business and effectively and creatively communicating with the people you seek to reach with your content and services.

Self-reflection and exploration helps you understand yourself, your values, and your "why." Curiosity about your clients and audience helps you better understand them, what they need, and what they want.

Curiosity and exploration leads to the creative realizations that attract and delight the people you want to reach and work with.


The courage and curiosity needed to acknowledge and use our privilege to communicate with and hold space for those who are different than ourselves with love and empathy leads to rewarding relationships and experiences for all.

It is important to me to work with clients who believe in examining our privilege, are committed to anti-racist education and action, LGBTQIA+ rights, intersectional feminism, accessibility, and anti-diet culture.