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Angela Parker is the CEO of Angela Parker International and AMP Studio – communities that invite healing and inspire transformation. Through journaling, private coaching, and experiences, she helps deep-feeling creatives and leaders to slow down and embrace radical self-care so that they can live in alignment with their values.

In the early 2000s, Angela founded Body Inspire Fitness, which rapidly grew into the largest and longest-running outdoor fitness program in Los Angeles, CA, and with it a tight-knit community and team. She was the first PUMA-sponsored fitness trainer and was featured multiple times on shows like The Talk and MTV's Chelsea Settles.

No longer a stressed-out LA fitness girl, she now helps people design values-centered lives through embodied living, private life and business coaching, and daily transformational journaling.

Angela lives, works, and plays in the beautiful Italian Alps.


When Covid19 shut the world down, Angela saw the need for community and reflection in people she knew and loved. So she created AMP Tribe, an online subscription and membership-based business that offers daily journaling prompts that revolve around new themes each month. In addition, she hosts weekly group journaling sessions on Zoom so that her students can connect with her and each other. She also offers a handful of pop-up embodied movement classes each month that are based on the AMP Tribe themes. 

She needed:

Later, as her private life coach and business coach service and brand evolved, she also needed:


To understand her services, process, vision, and clients, I enrolled in her AMP Tribe journaling community, worked with her one-on-one as a life and business coaching client, and participated in her Mastermind

This strategy, combined with studying the presence of similar coaches online, allowed me to differentiate her messaging, content, and copywriting from the vague, overused coaching language used on so many websites. I drilled down into how her time with Body Inspired Fitness shaped her journey and led to who she is now, and focus on the transformational shifts she aims to help her clients achieve via coaching, journaling, and movement.

Angela is mindful of wanting to avoid what Kelly Diels calls "The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand" and the psychologically manipulative internet marketing tactics commonly taught and seen in the online space. Her ideal clients are middle-aged women who feel stuck on the carousel of "to-dos" and "shoulds," who feel like their precious life will run out before they are able to have the business or career they want, or take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or put their creative work into the world.

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